Hi! I'm Austin Fauni, a current fourth-year undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I'm a huge music enthusiast, avid coffee drinker, and passionate about law and politics. I aspire to one day combine my interest in the legal field with my interest in music through a career in entertainment law with a particular focus on the music industry.

A. Fauni
Name : Austin Fauni
Age : 22
Location: : Santa Barbara, CA
Email : azfauni@gmail.com


I'm currently a fourth-year student at UCSB. As a Political Science Major and Professional Writing Minor, I've developed skills in written communication across many genres, oral communication, creative and logical thinking, and problem solving, all of which will be valuable during my transition into law school and the professional world.

  • B.A., Political Science

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    • GPA: 3.72
    • Comparative Politics emphasis
    • College of Letters & Science Honors Program
    • Political Science Departmental Honors Program
    • Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Society
    • Senior Honors Thesis: "Brexit, Trump, and the Influence of Right-Wing Populist Rhetoric in 2016"

  • Professional Writing Minor

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    • Multimedia Communication emphasis
    • One of 25 students admitted into the Multimedia Communication track of the Professional Writing Minor


I've gained experience and skills in a multitude of areas through my varied employment background. Not only have I developed various leadership, intrapersonal, organizational, and technical skills valuable to a legal career, but I have also developed a thorough knowledge of the specific industry I hope to enter.

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  • Incoming Stewardship and Donor Relations Assistant

    June 2019 -

    UCSB Office of Development,
    Engineering & the Sciences Department

    Offered and accepted full-time staff promotion in March 2019

    • Will assist with management and training of student interns, maintain the role of lead editor of all stewardship and donor-related content, and assist the Manager of Stewardship and Donor Relation with related events put on by the deparment

  • Lead Student Assistant

    October 2018 - Current

    UCSB Office of Development,
    Engineering & the Sciences Department

    Promoted from Student Intern to Lead Assistant in December 2018

    • Writes/edits acknowledgement letters to university donors on behalf of the Deans of The College of Engineering and the Department of Math, Life, & Physical Sciences for gifts $5,000+

    • Designs/writes stewardship reports for donors on behalf of grant, endowment chair, scholarship, and fellowship recipients using Microsoft and Adobe Suite software

    • Assists Manager of Stewardship and Donor Relations with preparation and execution of donor-related events put on by the department, which facilitates multi-million dollar gifts each year

  • Social Media Promoter

    September 2018 - Current

    EOS Lounge

    • Assists with social media promotion on Facebook and Instagram for Santa Barbara-based nightclub and venue

    • Artists range from local to more globally known DJs and bands

  • Concert Production & Event Marketing Intern

    September - December 2018

    RedEye Presents

    • Executed promotional tasks for Santa Barbara-based events production company

    • Researched local tastes and interests for potential artist bookings

    • Carried out tasks during events involving venue set-up and artist management

    • Attended regular workshops covering the inner-workings of the music industry

    Events covered include: Tycho, Walker & Royce, Chelsea Cutler, Juice WRLD, Hippie Sabotage, Polo & Pan, and Yetep

  • Research Assistant

    January - December 2018

    UCSB Political Science Department

    • Assisted Political Science Ph.D. candidate with data analysis and input for dissertation

  • Deputy Chief of Staff

    September 2017 - June 2018

    UCSB Associated Students Office of the External Vice President for Local Affairs (EVPLA)

    • Organized various campus and community-wide programs for the betterment of the student body and the surrounding Isla Vista community

    Contributed to role of the EVPLA Office to serve as liason between UCSB and Isla Vista


I've obtained and improved upon a number of skills useful for higher education and the professional world through my employment history and four years at UCSB.

Written Communication
Organization and Management
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Light Room)
Microsoft Suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) & Google Suite equivalents
Coding in HTML & CSS


While not straightforwardly connected to my interest in law, these samples relay the versatility of my writing, a degree of critical and logical thinking, as well as my ability to construct solid arguments, all of which are essential to a legal education and career. Below, you'll find samples of some of my published work and work from classes I've taken at UCSB.



‘Hi This Is Flume’ Arrives in Time for Spring

"In the end, Hi This Is Flume speaks true to its name. This is what Flume is. It's the raw and organic feeling of hearing a sound for the very first time."

Album review written for The Daily Nexus

Electric Vehicle


Financial Incentives to Grow Australia's Electric Vehicle Market

"With incentives like direct subsidies at the point of sale (POS) and tax exemptions for EVs, Australia will be able to jumpstart market demand and influence further technology development, leading to cheaper prices in the future, more model availability, and an overall self-sustaining market."

Memo written for PS 106EP: Energy Politics

Photo courtesy of CarAdvice

SG Lewis


SG Lewis Makes His Return to SB With an Arsenal of New Sounds

"Lewis has proven his ability to master a myriad of sounds, and if Wednesday night was any indicator of how effective his forthcoming album will be in telling the narrative he intends, I am positive he will be successful."

Concert coverage written for The Daily Nexus



Your choice to not vaccinate your child is not your personal business; it’s all of ours too

"When making the decision to vaccinate your child or not, bear in mind the personal choice you make is not personal at all. Not only does it ultimately compromise the health of your child, but it does the same for everyone around you as well."

Op-ed written for WRIT 105PD: Writing and Public Discourse (Honors)

Photo courtesy of ScienceNews



Trump Just Found Another Way to Belittle Immigrant Communities in 2020 and Ran With It

"In essence, the question is Trump’s newest way to more forward with his agenda, one that is arguably driven by a populist ideology of ostracizing the “other” (i.e. immigrants). Not to mention, belittling immigrant communities through this question and tapping into anti- immigrant sentiments across the country plays well amongst those aboard the 'Trump Train'."

Op-ed written for WRIT 107J: Journalism and News Writing (Honors)

Photo courtesy of NPR



New citizenship question on 2020 census could serve as tool for Trump administration and Republicans to gain power

"While the immediate concern is that the question will cause nonresponse rates amongst immigrant populations to skyrocket, experts have also expressed their fear that inaccurate population data could affect future state funding and representation in a way that could benefit Republicans and the administration. In all, the decision has left many wondering one simple question: Why add it?"

In-depth feature written for WRIT 107J: Journalism and News Writing (Honors)

Photo courtesy of The San Francisco Examiner


UCSB's Professional Writing Minor program taught me the importance of technical skills in the ever-evolving technological world we live in. I've benefitted from it immensely in my current occupation. Here you'll find some of my projects for UCSB's Professional Minor created through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Questions? Comments? Music recommendations? I'm open to hearing everything!

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